No more headaches managing your photos.

We-Capture saves hours for
100’s of Collision Repairers.
Photo of hand holding phone with the We-Capture app on the screen
Industry Specific Benefits
  • Use your own phone to load repair photos instantly onto jobs. No cables, no downloading, no more lost photos – no headaches!
  • Even create a new job in front of the client straight from your phone or tablet – instantly to your panel system or computer.
  • Over 280 panel shops in Australia and NZ report they’re saving 15-30 minutes per job, mucking about with photos – time they can’t charge for.
  • As well they no longer lose any photos. And it’s dead simple to set-up and cheap to use.


Extremely simple front-end photo capturing with powerful backend web based photo management


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  • Customisation of your app and training
  • As many photos as required
  • App loaded to multiple devices
  • Multi access to stored photos
  • Ongoing innovations and updates
  • Email and Phone Support


We-Capture has been easy to use right from the word go, when we first downloaded the program. The ease in which we were able to adapt from our old method of having taken images then downloading from an SD card and sorting through all the images to apply to a job and maybe losing some images, has all gone. It was easy showing staff members how to download and use We-Capture, which makes my job easier on imaging the repair process and keeping files safe. Most of all saving time. Overall it is a great program and should have been told about it years ago. Will recommend it to anyone (and... Read More
Mike Herniman
Arizona Smash Repairs, NEW SOUTH WALES
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for the wonderful new Camera system we have operating in our shop. We no longer have to go searching for the cameras and spend hours downloading the correct photos to the correct jobs. Also it is awesome to be able to log onto a job and see the progress as our staff have been taking photos as the repair process unravels. Your level of service has been amazing, and I can see your passion for this product, as you are always updating and listening to whatever we have to say and making changes and updates continually. You are... Read More
Tanya Kelly
RJ Don Panel beaters, AUCKLAND
We-Capture is a valuable program in our daily operations, from the front office to the floor and back again. For over the last 12 months, it has proven to save us time and money every single day. Less time downloading cameras and attaching to job files and eliminates the risk of losing important images. The supplementary process allows estimators to promptly attend the floor allowing the repair cycle to continue with minimal interruption. The simplicity of the app allows production staff to effortlessly have all their repair photos straight on file and in the mailbox of the estimator for... Read More
Helena Willmot
I have been using the using We-Capture for 5 years now, this programme has benefited our Company in many ways. The very easy to use attributes have contributed immensely to the quality and accuracy of our image taking , with quick retrieval abilities and reliable storage capacity we have saved many hours and have benefited from the integrity of the system. Images can be shared in batches with ease when required. The ability to add documents to the job file has decreased the need for ‘Hard Copy‘ storage on site and these too can be shared or retrieved when required. We-Capture... Read More
Duncan Morrison
NZTA Light Vehicle Certifier, NEW ZEALAND


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