Duncan Morrison

I have been using the using We-Capture for 5 years now, this programme has benefited our Company in many ways.

The very easy to use attributes have contributed immensely to the quality and accuracy of our image taking , with quick retrieval abilities and reliable storage capacity we have saved many hours and have benefited from the integrity of the system. Images can be shared in batches with ease when required.

The ability to add documents to the job file has decreased the need for ‘Hard Copy‘ storage on site and these too can be shared or retrieved when required. We-Capture has the capability to add categories to the Image taking process, this has enabled customising abilities relevant to our business requirements. These categories can be searched independently which helps with specific retrieval requirements.

Generally the We-Capture system has saved time, ensured accuracy and integrity and has added to our Professional Image and process. I would recommend We-Capture to any business that requiring cost effective, fast and accurate and secure Image and Document storage and retrieval.