Keep your $$ and keep your customers.

It’s not a good feeling when a customer accuses you of damaging their car when it’s in for a service, especially when they’ve just spent $50k+ buying it six months earlier! We know most of the time it wasn’t your fault – your crime was cleaning the car and showing up every little scratch! However, it doesn’t make the issue or that awkward feeling go away.

How We-Capture will help
Photo of hand holding phone with the We-Capture app on the screen
  • Cover yourself and your staff against being wrongly accused of damaging customer vehicles.
  • We-Capture makes it super simple to reference, take and store photos of vehicles booked for service or repair.
  • Use We-Capture to record condition of your courtesy cars and get customers to digitally sign and agree before going out.
  • What about vehicles arriving damaged off transporters? We-Capture records and can instantly share photos of damaged vehicles, beating the transporters deadlines for reporting.
  • Bring back transparency to relationships with your customers and your service providers.


Extremely simple front-end photo capturing with powerful backend web based photo management
Stress free

We help set up your own customised version of the app, including your own photo sequence. Training your team takes around 10 minutes flat!


Using the We-Capture app on a smart device, any number of photos can be taken of anything in the workplace


Photos can then searched or shared easily from both a PC and your smart device


No need for setting up files or folders, photos are referenced and stored securely on-line


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  • Customisation of your app and training
  • As many photos as required
  • App loaded to multiple devices
  • Multi access to stored photos
  • Ongoing innovations and updates
  • Email and Phone Support


We-Capture doesn’t only protect us from unnecessary expense and people “trying it on”, it also leaves a positive and professional impression with clients as well as the police. It’s easy and cheap for the team to use and we’ve roughly halved our $$ spend on damage this year.
Stu Gerring
I recall a recent incident where We-Capture saved us. A vehicle was dropped off for repair from a Towing Company after hours. My staff are trained to use We-Capture to photograph any vehicle before moving which was carried out the next day. A week later we received a notification that the customer believed we had damaged the car while in our care. We were able to quickly search and share the photos which clearly showed the damage was pre-existing. We wouldn’t be without We-Capture, it saves us $$ and our staff the stress of dealing with damage claims.
Rob Collett
John Andrew Ford, AUCKLAND
We decided to use We-Capture due to the amount of customers claiming damage on their vehicles after service. Most of the claims were marked on the job card but customer still argued that we could have put this on any time. We needed a system that could not be questioned. When we trialed We-Capture we had 2 customers claim we damaged their vehicle but with the date and time stamp on the photo’s they could not argue that the damage was there when they bought the vehicle in. This has greatly relieved the stress on my front counter staff as now they show the photos to the owner or send them... Read More
Russell Kellett
Collins Honda, SYDNEY
We Capture has been a vital tool in my service department and my damage bills have decreased dramatically. Every vehicle that comes into my service department has been photographed using We-Capture as the photos are easily accessible. We-Capture has been a wonderful inclusion for the service department.
Paul Ellul
Peter Warren Automotive, SYDNEY


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