Using photos in your workplace just got a whole lot easier.

It seems most businesses operating out in the field, in a workshop environment, in hotels, even in your home are taking photos. Whether recording something, quoting something or proving something, taking photos has gone beyond just snapping our cats, dogs and kids.

Our promise

Any business regularly taking photos as part of their Business Process will benefit from We-Capture.

Here’s how We-Capture will help
Photo of hand holding phone with the We-Capture app on the screen
  • Cover yourself and your staff against being wrongly accused of damaging property or not completing work. Before and after photos never got easier!
  • We-Capture makes it super simple to reference, take and store photos – no time consuming downloading.
  • Sharing photos is also dead easy. Clients can even have their own login for real time access to their photos.
  • Set the app up to work the way your business does and view photos from anywhere.
  • Very cost effective, low monthly subscription.
  • Bring back transparency to relationships with your customers and work providers.


Extremely simple front-end photo capturing with powerful backend web based photo management
Stress free

We help set up your own customised version of the app, including your own guiding photo sequence. Training your team takes around 15 minutes flat!


Using the We-Capture app on a smart device, any number of photos can be taken of anything in the workplace


Photos can then be searched or shared easily from both a PC and your smart device


No need for setting up files or folders, photos are referenced and stored securely on-line


Try free for 30 days
per month
or a low per team member user price.


  • Customisation of your app and training
  • As many photos as required
  • App loaded to multiple devices
  • Multi access to stored photos
  • Ongoing innovations and updates
  • Email and Phone Support


We’re required to take photos and then share them with a number of our work providers. Before We-Capture we were constantly asking for photos from staff or searching devices, hoping we hadn’t forgotten or lost them. Now it’s so much easier, we never lose photos and have the ability for our main customers to login to their own photos, saves us having to email them!
Gavin Deevy
Deevy Works, AUCKLAND
I have been with the team since May and have enjoyed using We-Capture. It began with a great training session with Richard which showed how simple it was to use. The data is reliable once received and the We-Capture app is easy to load. Further, the back office We-Capture webserver to search and share photos is simple and quick to use.
Sally Smith
Gulf Contracting, AUCKLAND
Using We-Capture, being able to detail or label individual photos simply and quickly has been a huge help. I’ve got a client based in Dubai who has purchased a house without seeing it and is relying on us to be the driving force behind it. He gets the We Capture email forwarded to him every day with progress up dates and photos which he is very happy with. With having up to 15 projects running I don’t get to time to go to every site in a day, so being able to have a look at the progress photos taken by my team quickly on my own device every day, saves me a huge amount of time and also... Read More
Ryan Bickley
360 degree Project Management


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