AI – Artificial Intelligence

It’s important to work with a partner that’s always looking to develop for the future. AI is becoming part of everyday life and helping to get things done more easily, with greater accuracy and faster. At We-Integrate we constantly look to innovate to improve our system and to save our clients time and money.

Current AI Projects we have developed or are working on include:

Container Number Recognition

Container numbers are long numbers with both Alpha and Numeric characters, they are slow to enter manually and prone to error. We have developed Container Number recognition software with a high degree of accuracy that can work from any reasonable quality image of a container. This system works with our We-Capture APP or can be used as a standalone service with other systems.

Number Plate Recognition

There are a lot of number or license plate recognition systems, but we found it better to build our own. Third party systems get expensive at higher volumes and ours is developed specifically for high use on both mobile and fixed devices, is highly accurate, very fast and available in both our We-Capture APP and can be used as a standalone service with other systems.

Image Background Blurring

For both privacy and image quality, blurring the background around a vehicle is extremely useful. Our AI technology applies just enough background blurring to obscure detail and protect privacy without losing seeing where the vehicle is. It also makes the vehicle image look so much better for presentation to clients or for use on re-marketing platforms. This system is available both from the We-Capture APP or as a standalone system.

Photo of car in workshop before background blurring has been applied
Image Background Blurring - BEFORE
Photo of car in workshop after background blurring has been applied
Image Background Blurring - AFTER

Damage Detection

Currently under development, our automated damage detection identifies small dents, scratches on vehicles, and highlights them on the images. This technology has a multitude of possibilities, from reassuring clients all pre-rental damage has been identified to alerting the car rental company automatically that the condition of the vehicle has changed over a period. We are currently looing for partners to work with to test deploy this software.

Odometer Reading

Sounds like a simple OCR case? Not so simple these days with complex digital dashboards that have the odometer read out in different places and with multiple readings. It is make and model specific. Currently under development.


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