William Solomon

Here’s what we did before We-Capture: Use digital cameras to take photos of our import and export cargo loads, then removing the SD card, bringing it into the office, downloading to a PC, renaming the photos to align with the shipment detail, saving to a shipment folder and storing.

The amount of time we used to waste transferring the photos from cameras was enormous, a process that would take up to 20 mins per container, and when you are dealing with 50 containers per week, that’s over 16 hours weekly wasted. Now files are uploaded instantly through We-Capture so staff can get on with more productive and essential tasks.

Having instant access to cargo photos no matter where you are on the planet, provided you have data access is mind boggling. The ability to view cargo on your phone, within minutes of it being unpacked from an imported sea container or airfreight shipment is outstanding, and something I never thought would be possible only a few years ago. The visibility this provides is excellent and I recall being with a client offsite and being asked whether their airfreight cargo had arrived, I picked up my phone and showed him a photo of his cargo, which had just arrived into our depot 5 minutes earlier!

The We-Capture technology allows us to focus on our core roles, without even mentioning the micro processes it has fully replaced. This is smart progress and defines working smarter and not harder!